March 2020: What a month (April 16)

Do you remember March 1, 2020?

Numbers to know during coronavirus outbreak (April 6)

If you are looking for programs or services in your community, dial 211.

Thinking about DIY hand sanitizer? (March 5)

Amid the shortage of hand sanitizer with coronavirus concerns, use caution with DIY hand sanitizer.

President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial: Key things to watch (Jan. 23)

There is a clear desire by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to get this thing done.

2020 dates: Did you know? (Jan. 16)

Besides being a leap year, 2020 hosts some fun dates.

Kuechly by the numbers (Jan. 15)

Panthers’ perennial All-Pro linebacker Luke Kuechly announced his retirement Tuesday night.

911: Call if you can, text when you can’t (Jan. 10)

Making a phone call isn’t the only way to reach 911 in Wake County.

‘Silent Sam:’ A history (Dec. 18)

Through the years, hundreds have gathered on the University of North Carolina campus to share views on ‘Silent Sam,’ a Confederate statue long the subject of controversy, animosity.

Debunked: 7 creepy myths about spiders (Nov. 22)

Here are seven of the most common spider-myths and the truth behind them. (Report from Curtis Sprung)

Doctors warn parents of clean eating trend (Oct 9)

Psychologists at Children’s Health in Dallas say more young people are taking it to the extreme.

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